Make up

I’m always searching for the products that can help me to create a makeup of a high quality according to my expectations. Through my whole experience, for ages I’ve been selecting my favorite nuances and expressive textures that bring me a joy with their best result now. Color is an important means of expression. I have had the opportunity to develop a strong sensitivity, which guides me to choose the right tones and compactness of the products to adapt to different types of face, because the beauty of each woman means a lot to me.



First of all, the hair of a bride is structured according to the type of hair without changing its nature overly. The secret is the creation of compositions that would correspond to two main points. They are freshness and naturalness, highlighting the values of the type of hair with details that surround the face. During the process, it’s very important to take into consideration chosen wedding dress and empathize with the bride’s character to get a total vision. You can complete it by embellishing with jewels or fresh flowers at the discretion of the bride, always taking into account other details.



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