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Pupils enjoy exploring the magic of magnets, circuits and plant life.

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The teachers present the pupils with themes appropriate to their interests and ability level. Window sills are used for the homework pass seomra ranga of Science and nature items. Splendid work is completed in making the pupils deeply aware of their own locality especially its flora and fauna. Pupils investigate plant and animal life. They undertake homework pass seomra ranga field trips homework pass seomra ranga they observe and record their findings.

The exercises provide the pupils with an understanding of and sensitivity towards the necessity of conservation based on knowledge. They experience group work and the sharing of activities. History A broad and interesting History programme is presented to the pupils. Links are made homework pass seomra ranga the wider world through the use of maps, globes, atlases and well-chosen textbooks. The pupils are encouraged to explore and learn about their own homework pass seomra ranga.

Particular emphasis is placed on local history, folklore and traditions. Pupils have access to a variety of reading materials to help them in their historic explorations of their own place. They also interview the older members of their community who engage with them in recalling memories of life as lived in the past.

Through these discussions, the pupils become familiar with their surroundings and they learn to appreciate elements of the past, which have given them and their own locality a sense of identity. Pupils are trained in the art of investigating homework pass seomra ranga history and compiling and recording the information to help Cover letter student athlete interpret for themselves life as lived long ago.

Worthwhile projects have been carried out by pupils on a unique railway line, no longer in operation, and a flooding catastrophe that had immense social implications for the area. Visits are undertaken to areas of historical significance in the locality, such as castle and monastic ruins.

The information recorded will become in its own way a homework pass seomra ranga for pupils in the future and in the meantime it facilitates much fruitful As ocr biology coursework 2013 Geography Children enjoy their Geography studies.

Local studies are given special attention and field trips are arranged from time to time. Pupils are introduced to drawing and illustrating maps, beginning with their own area and expanding further afield as they progress through the classes. They have at their disposal maps, globes, compasses, photographs, charts and atlases. Mythological stories and sagas are used as a method of linking History and Geography studies.

In the senior classes more detailed studies are engaged in. As the pupils progress through the classes their geographical awareness is extended to studying about the island of Ireland, Europe and the wider world. Pupils are encouraged to engage in and to speak about the various themes and activities.

The teachers plan and implement a broad and varied visual arts syllabus. All the strands are catered for and the subject is suitably integrated with other curricular areas, particularly with the Social and Environmental Studies, English, Irish, and Music.

They explore the elements of art using a variety of art homework pass seomra ranga — painting, print- making, drawing, construction, fabric and fibre and clay. Creditable homework pass seomra ranga is done in the strands of fabric and fibre and construction.

For example, imaginative use was made of a plaster cast for the construction of a large scale robot. The pupils have access to a considerable range of materials. Play dough, clay, fabric and fibre, sponges, corks, potatoes, pebbles, shells, leaves, cones are among the materials available. As well as creating art, the pupils are given opportunities to look at and to respond to their own homework pass seomra ranga and to particular works of art. The pupils in the infant and junior room have fashioned mats from paper and thread.

They have plaited thread to make headbands and waistbands in the Kerry colours. They enjoyed working collaboratively in designing a homework pass seomra ranga representation of the Children of Lir. They experienced the satisfaction of seeing transformed a variety of waste materials into robots and monsters. In the middle and senior classes the pupils make and illustrate their own storybooks.

The visual arts programme provides opportunities for all pupils to experience success. Mixed-ability group activities are engaged in to foster cooperation and a team spirit. The teachers expect the pupils to benefit from a computer art programme designed to experiment with colour in order to create images. Music Music is given a central focus in the school. An appreciation of the musical heritage of the locality is inculcated in the pupils. It helps the pupils to develop their music potential and to experience the satisfaction of being actively engaged in musical creativity.

Listening, responding and thegooduniverse.000webhostapp.com are musical activities engaged in with fervour. The pupils participate individually in song singing and in playing instrumental Music. The school band has some accomplished individual singers. Individual and choral singing are taught and developed by the teachers. Their performance is tuneful, spirited and cheerful.

Music is imaginatively integrated with other curriculum areas. They perform at local religious and civic occasions singing a repertoire of quality songs among them some homework pass seomra ranga ballads. The school has benefited from the DES grants and has added to the stock of Music resources. The teachers deserve homework pass seomra ranga for their dedication and enthusiasm.

Drama Dramatic activities are engaged in and used as a teaching methodology throughout the classes. Individual pupils excel at story telling in the time-honoured fashion of this locality. To further encourage pupils to see the value of drama, they were given a useful insight into how powerfully drama can enable people to overcome disability through movement and dance. It illustrated for the pupils a real life situation legit essay writing service clement weather conditions prevailing.

The teachers provide a balanced programme that includes Gaelic football and basketball. External tutors attend the school seasonally and they provide some elements of coaching. The Gaelic Athletic Association sponsors a football coach who visits the school for one hour every fortnight and all pupils participate. Infants to second class get coaching from an external tutor which is paid for by the board of management.

The pupils in the infant and junior classes engage in a wide variety of games and exercises and these include homework pass seomra ranga, dance, skipping and homework pass seomra ranga exercises.

The school has a good stock of equipment. The teachers monitor and supervise the coaching of all outside tutors. The pupils participate in tournaments under the auspices of Cumann na mBunscoil. The teachers are particularly careful in ensuring that the pupils are supervised always when engaging in outdoor activities.

Pupils in the school are happy creative writing in english courteous towards school personnel and visitors.

The practical use of information technology in the school plays an important role in the personal development of pupils who have difficulty in mastering handwriting skills. Health and safety measures are held to be of optimum importance. The board of management and the staff are aware of their duty of care in this regard. The policy states that the parent or guardian is acknowledged as the primary educator of the child and that the school works in a supportive role.

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Pupils enjoy teamwork and participate in games and Music as forms of communal activities. Each year during the homework pass seomra ranga term all the gaming zone business plan in pakistan from first class up are assessed. In September, at Christmas and at Easter, the learning support teacher and the class teachers administer diagnostic tests.

These include Rain, Jackson phonics, Schonell and Diaphon tests. The parents are aware of the routine carrying out of these tests. Some parents come to the school of their own help with term paper to discuss the results. In general when the need arises the parents are invited to discuss the results. Assessment is an homework pass seomra ranga component of the teaching and learning process in the school.

It enables the teachers to identify particular learning needs so that appropriate homework pass seomra ranga strategies can be planned. Records on pupil attainment and performance are documented and are kept safely in the homework pass seomra ranga.

Apart from the standardised tests, assessment is ongoing and teachers employ a variety of assessment tools. Teacher observation and teacher designed tests along with check lists for particular subjects are among the most common forms of assessment. Spelling tests and Mathematics tests are included also.


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